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Soumya Mandal

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Soumya Mandal has joined as a faculty in the Department of Mechanical Engineering on January 05, 2015. Currently, he is pursuing his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, USA. 
Field of Research
  •  Electron Microscopy
  •  Laser Processing of Materials
  •  Laser Additive Manufacturing
  •  Renewable Energy
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  •  First Joined: 05th Jan, 2015
  •      Dept. of Mechanical Engineering



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Journal Articles
Conference Papers
SL Authors Title Publisher Details Publication Year Type
1 Ashish Kumar Gupta, Siddharth Gupta, Soumya Mandal, Ritesh Sachan Laser Irradiation-Induced Nanoscale Surface Transformations in Strontium Titanate Crystals 2022 Journal
2 Babu Sankhi, Elena Echeverria, Hans Nembach, Soumya Mandal, Ritesh Sachan, David McIlroy, Emrah Turgut, Derek Meyers Manipulation of Dyzaloshinskii-Moria interaction in Pt/Co/AlOx heterostructure American Physical Society 2022 Journal
3 Zhangyue Shi, Soumya Mandal, Sandip Harimkar, Chenang Liu Surface Morphology Analysis Using Convolutional Autoencoder in Additive Manufacturing with Laser Engineered Net Shaping Procedia Manufacturing 2021 Journal
4 Soumya Mandal, Ashish Kumar Gupta, Braxton Hays Beavers, Vidit Singh, Jagdish Narayan, Ritesh Sachan Atomic-Scale Insights on Large-Misfit Heterointerfaces in LSMO/MgO/c-Al2O3 Crystals 2021 Journal
5 MRI Sarker, Md Sazan Rahman, Soumya Mandal, MM Rony A Study on Aerosol Spray Characteristics of Different Size Atomizers Aerosol Science and Engineering 2020 Journal
6 Soumya Mandal, Ritesh Sachan, Amit Pandey ADVANCES IN HEA-BASED AM COMPONENETS:ROLE OF HIGH-RESOLUTION MICROSCOPY Advanced Materials and Processes 2020 Journal
7 Soumya Mandal, Subir Kumar Ghosh Experimental investigation of the performance of a double pass solar water heater with reflector Renewable energy 2020 Journal
8 MS Rahman, MRI Sarker, S Mandal, MRA Beg Experimental and Numerical Analysis of a Stand-Alone PV/T System to Improve its Efficiency J Fundam Renewable Energy Appl 2018 Journal
9 S Kumar Ghosh, S Mandal Evaluation of Biogas as an Alternative Driving Force of Electrically Operated Vehicles: A Case Study International Journal of Engineering-Transactions B: Applications 2018 Journal
10 Mohammad UH Joardder, Soumya Mandal, MH Masud Proposal of a solar storage system for plant-based food materials in Bangladesh International Journal of Ambient Energy 2018 Journal
11 MRI Sarker, Soumya Mandal, Sumaiya Sadika Tuly Numerical study on the influence of vortex flow and recirculating flow into a solid particle solar receiver Renewable energy 2018 Journal
12 Soumya Mandal, Barun K Das, Najmul Hoque Optimum sizing of a stand-alone hybrid energy system for rural electrification in Bangladesh Journal of Cleaner Production 2018 Journal
13 Soumya Mandal, MRI Sarker, Md Sazan Rahman, MRA Beg Numerical study of a downdraft gasifier to produce syngas AIP Conference Proceedings 2017 Conference
14 Md Nurul Islam, SM Najmul Hoque, Soumya Mandal, Abir Hasan, Md Rafsan Nahian Prospect of rural electrification through biogas in Bangladesh-design & feasibility study of biogas based electricity facility of a poultry farm International Conference on Mechanical, Industrial and Materials Engineering 2017 (ICMIME2017), RUET 2017 Conference
15 Soumya Mandal, MRI Sarker, MS Rahman, MRA Beg An Analysis of Braking Energy Regeneration in Electric Vehicles International Journal of Renewable Energy Research (IJRER) 2017 Journal
16 Soumya Mandal, Hosna Yasmin, MRI Sarker, MRA Beg Prospect of solar-PV/biogas/diesel generator hybrid energy system of an off-grid area in Bangladesh AIP Conference Proceedings 2017 Conference
17 Barun K Das, Najmul Hoque, Soumya Mandal, Tapas Kumar Pal, Md Abu Raihan A techno-economic feasibility of a stand-alone hybrid power generation for remote area application in Bangladesh Barun K Das, Najmul Hoque, Soumya Mandal, Tapas Kumar Pal, Md Abu Raihan 2017 Journal
18 Md Fajle Rabbi Md Shazib Uddin, Amit Roy, S Mandal Assessment of Embodied Energy and GHG Emission during the Brick Manufacture of Bangladesh ICPE 2016 Conference
19 Md Shazib Uddina, Mahadi Hasan Masud, Soumya Mandal Assessment of Energy Consumption and Emissions of Jute Mill Production Line in Bangladesh ICPE 2016 Conference
20 Soumya Mandal, Sabbir Ahmed, Fazle Rabbi Impact of battery driven vehicle on the electricity of Rajshahi city, Bangladesh International Conference on Mechanical, Industrial and Materials Engineering 2015 (ICMIME 2015) 2015 Conference
21 Md Shazib Uddin, Mahadi Hasan Masud, Soumya Mandal, Monjur Morshed Construction and Performance Study of Underground Assisted Air Heating and Cooling System International Conference on Mechanical, Industrial and Materials Engineering (ICMIME2015) 2015 Conference
22 Md Shazib Uddin, Soumya Mandal, Mehadi Hasan Masud, Monjur Mourshed Design, Construction and Performance Test of a Solar Powered Prototype Vehicle International Conference on Mechanical, Industrial and Materials Engineering 2015 Conference
23 Soumya Mandal, Tonmoy Karmaker, Md Nurul Islam Effect of Heat Treatment on Crack Initiation & Propagation of Stainless Steel (Ss-304) Global Journal of Research In Engineering 2014 Journal
  •  University Gold Medal, 2012
  •  Prime Minister Gold Medal, 2013
  •  International Graduate Research Assistantship for PhD program, USA
  •  International Graduate Research Assistantship for MSc program, USA
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