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Thermal Engineering and Testing Lab

  • Combustion and emission control in IC engines
  • Thermochemical process for alternative fuel production
  • Production of biodiesel and their application in IC engines
  • Conduction, convection and radiation heat transfer
  • Solar energy collection and conversion Numerical methods development and heat transfer aspects

Fluid Mechanics and Energy Lab

  • Turbo-machinery (Turbines, Fans and Pumps)
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Wind engineering and aerodynamics
  • Measurement techniques for internal flows
  • Energy conversion systems
  • Hydrodynamics of gas-solid two-phase flow systems
  • Fluidized bed pyrolysis and gasification of biomass and solid wastes
  • Fixed bed pyrolysis of solid waste
  • Aerosol technology

Applied Mechanics and Machine Design Lab

  • Magnetic levitation micro-electro-mechanical system
  • Vibration analysis and control
  • Noise and vibration isolation
  • Moving mass, mechanism and mechanics, dynamics machinery etc.
  • Testing of the strength of materials and impact strength

Material Engineering and Metallurgy Lab

  • Processing, characterization and properties of fine-grained, ultrafine-grained alloys
  • Phase transformations in advanced light alloys
  • Advanced surface modification of metals and alloys
  • Advanced materials joining processes
  • Non-destructive evaluation (NDE) of material
  • Microstructure analysis and material characterization

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