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The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers Undergraduate and Postgraduate (Masters's and Ph.D.) programs. The undergraduate (UG) is a 04 (four) years program where students commence after completing year 12th. The admission battle is highly competitive and takes place under written transparent admission tests. The best come here.      

The postgraduate program includes; Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (M. Sc. Engg.), Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering (M. Engg.), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.). For a full time student, the standard duration of the M. Sc Engg. and M. Engg. degree is 02 (two) years. For a full time PhD student the standard duration of the degree is 03 (three) years. The title of the degree and abbreviation are shown below:  

Undergraduate program:

"Bachelor of Science and Engineering" abbreviated as B.Sc. Engineering (B. Sc. Engg.).

Postgraduate program:

1. Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering abbreviated as M.Sc. Engg. (ME).     

 2. Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering abbreviated as M. Engg. (ME).    

 3. Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering abbreviated as Ph. D.

Minimum credit hour requirement for the degree:  

Degree Theory Thesis Project Total
B. Sc. Engg.          -- -- -- 160
M. Sc. Engg.  18 18 -- 36
M. Engg. 30 -- 6 36
Ph. D. 9 45 -- 54

Key Qualifying requirement: 

  • B. Sc. Engg. student must earn 160 credit with CGPA not less than 2.0 (out of 4.0)
  • A student must earn minimum CGPA of 3.00 (out of 4.0) for M. Sc Engg. and M. Engg. degree where 3.25 for PhD degree.
  • M. Sc. Engg. student must have a conference or journal paper from his research work
  • PhD student must have at least 03 conference papers and at least 02 referred journal from his research work.