ME Research Area

ThermoFluid Deals with heat transfer, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and combustion.

Renewable energy conversion and energy efficiency The recent development of renewable energy conversion technology, hybrid system, and energy efficiency in industry, building, and end users.

Vibration and Noise Control Vibration detection, analysis, and control of mechanical system. Innovation, and modification the vibration measuring tools.

Robotics Innovation, modification, and application of the robotic system for the industrial, transport, medical, and building sectors.

Materials and Metallurgy Research on material development, and application in the mechanical engineering sectors. 

Simulation and optimization of energy system Simulation and optimization of the energy system using CFD, COMSOL, Python research tools.

Heat transfer, HVAC, GHG emission Heat transfer, heating ventilating and airconditioning, green house gas emission mitigation and control.

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) Life cycle energy and environmental analysis of energy conversion technology and mechanical system.