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Department of Mechanical Engineering is the oldest and broadest of the Engineering branches also known as MOTHER branch of all Engineering.  The Department of Mechanical Engineering at RUET is the oldest department established in 1964. The Department offers Undergraduate (UG) and Post-graduate (Master and Ph.D.) programs.  Currently, 180 students get admitted to the Undergraduate program (4 years duration) in every academic year. The Department also received a significant number of students in the Master's program (>30) and Ph.D. programs every year. The department has strong academic strength and research expertise in its diversified fields. The students, teachers, officers, and employees of the Mechanical Engineering Department are providing tireless efforts to maintain the international standards of teaching and research of this Department. This department has more than 30 prominent faculty members of which >14 are Ph.D. holders received their Masters and Ph.D. degree from world ranked foreign universities. All are integrated into the developmental works of the department and conducting teaching and research activities with the highest endeavours and enthusiasm to meet the challenge of the 21st century. The Department has 5 core laboratories such as Thermal Engineering and Testing Laboratory, Fluid Mechanics and Energy Laboratory, Applied Mechanics and Machine Design Laboratory, and Material Engineering, Metallurgy Laboratory, and Computer Laboratory. The core laboratories are well equipped with modern facilities and able to facilitate more than 25 key research topics to be conducted. Moreover, the department has workshop facilities such as Machine Shop, Welding Shop, Fitting Shop, Foundry Shop and Wood Shop, Boiler shop, etc as a support to the core laboratory.  Currently, all the Ph.D. holders and faculty members of the department are continuing their research works using modern facilities. The faculty members have sufficient experience/knowledge as they worked in rich-laboratories during their Ph.D. degree in the world ranked foreign universities. You are welcome to our most talented Mechanical family of RUET engaging with us, whether this is as a teacher, as a student, a researcher, or an industrial collaborator.