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UG Academic Calendar:

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The Department of mechanical engineering support counseling service for the current student. The department assigns course advisers for the ongoing academic year. The course advisers are responsible for the student's counseling service. They help with academic-related services for the student. Not only that, the advisers are very friendly, and they also provide suggestions about the student's personal, mental, and other related issues for the welfare of the student.

UG presentation and Thesis Guideline:

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Industrial placement/Internship:

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is decorated with well equipt modern laboratories. Apart from the enrich laboratories, the department organizes a month industrial placement training program for undergraduate students as a part of their academic courses. The department officially communicates with various national industries to conduct this program. The aim of this program is to gathered practical knowledge in the field of Mechanical Engineering as well as design, planning, manufacture, management, installation, maintenance, etc. The students benefit from this program through a better understanding of how to navigate a particular worksite in line with the theoretical concept. The student gains technical skills and learns how to convert academic knowledge to industry skills and gain real confidence in a real organization. Professional soft skills such as communication, punctuality, time management, and writing skills build up through this program. Strong relationships and a professional network established. Finally, completing the program, the student becomes the resource for a future career. The sample lists of the industries conducted are as follows:

1.    Holcim Cement Company Limited

2.    Bangladesh Milk Producers

3.    Bangladesh Blade Factory Limited

4.    Pragati Industries Limited

5.    Rangs Workshop Limited

6.    Kathakali Rental Power Plant

7.    BSRM Steel Company Limited

8.    Renata Pharmaceuticals Limited

9.    Ashugong Power Plant Limited

10.  Uttara Motors Limited

11.  Navana Toyota 3S Center

12.  Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory

13.  Khulna Shipyard Limited

14.  British American Tobacco

15.  Rajshahi Sugar Mills Limited

16.  Runner Motors

17.  Rural Power Company Limited (RPCL)

Field Visit:
The Department of Mechanical Engineering organizes 8-10 days industry/field visit program every year for the outgoing undergraduate students to strengthen their technical knowledge. Apart from this, the department also organizes a single-day field visit for the early stage undergraduate students during the coursework. The department officially communicates with various industries in the field of design, planning, manufacture, management, installation, etc to conduct this program. The students gather practical knowledge from the field/study visit and motivated for the upcoming challenges. The sample lists of the industries conducted are as follows:

1.    Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission

2.    Chittagong Sea Port

3.    Kaptai Hydro Electric Power Plant

4.    Karnofully Paper Mills Limited

5.    Naval

6.    Chittagong Urea Fertilizer Limited

7.    Submarine Cable Landing Station

8.    Cox’s Bazar Light House

9.    Sea Food Industries

10.  Eastern Refinery

11.  Aftab Automobiles Limited

12.  Bangladesh Steel Re-rolling Mills Limited

13.  Varamara Gas Turbine Power Plant

The program is not limited to the above lists. Every year the potential sectors reviewed by the Department to maximize the student benefit.
There are scholarship opportunities for the current student. There is a technical scholarship provided by the government of Bangladesh based on the achievement in the 1st semester. Moreover, scholarships are available for the current students from ME alumni body. The other scholarships are Nazrul and Fatema scholarship, Roise uddin memorial scholarship. The students are requested to apply in the department/section upon announcement the scholarship.   

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