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Research Project

Since the Mechanical Department engage with quality research work, the department receives a significant number of research project (national and international) every fiscal year from the students and faculty member. The recently completed research project and the ongoing research project are listed below.

Completed Research Project [2017]: 

1.   Improvement of research capabilities of the Mechanical Engineering Department of RUET for producing quality postgraduates and enhancing research outreach.

Funded: World Bank through UGC,   Project value: USD 250,000

2.   Improving research facilities in the Mechanical Engineering Department of RUET for post-graduate studies.

Funded: World Bank through UGC,   Project value:  USD 250,000

3.   Development of teaching-learning facilities for undergraduate & graduate programs in the Mechanical Engineering Department of RUET.

Funded: World Bank through UGC,   Project value: USD 190,000 

Completed Research Project [2018]: 

Completed Research Project [2019]: 

Completed Research Project [2020]: 

Completed Research Project [2021]: 

1.   Investigation Energy consumption behavior analysis and improvement of energy efficiency of submersible pump used in Barind Tract of Bangladesh. [Funded: GoB]
2. Investigation of the physical, mechanical, and microstructural characterization of the Zirconia, Toughened alumina with various ceramic oxide additives. [Funded: GoB]
3. Improvement of the productivity of a double slope solar still: Combined influence of fin, phase change material, wick material, external condenser, nanoparticle, and internal reflector. [Funded: GoB]
Completed Research Project [2022]: 
Completed Research Project [2023]: 
On-going Research Project [2024]:
1.  Design, Construction and Performance Analysis of a Waste Heat Recovery Boiler.
Director: Dr. Md. Shazib Uddin [Funded:GoB]
2. Energy, exergy and environmental analysis of a thermoelectric cooler integrated hybrid solar desalination system.
Director: Prof. Dr. Md. Rabiul Islam Sarker [Funded:GoB]
3. Performance Investigation of Stepped Multiple Basins Pyramid Solar Still with Fins and PCM
Director: Md. Bakhtierkhalzi   [Funded:GoB]
4. Investigation of Physical, Mechanical and Antimicrobial Properties of Hydroxyapatite Ceramic Extracted from Anabas Testudineus (Koi Fish) Bone and Head Parts for Biomedical Application. 
Director: Md. Mostafa Kamal  [Funded:GoB]
5. Preparation, characterization and stability enhancement of nanofluid through optimization of surfactant concentration.
Director: Md. Nahid Hossan 
6. The production of hydrogen fuel through supercritical water gasification of food waste in Bangladesh.
Director: Md. Sanowar Hossain  [Funded:GoB]
7. Development of an active and passive industrial noise control technique.
Director: Prof. Dr. Shahajada Mahmudul Hasan  [Funded:GoB]
8. Optimization of the biomimetic based wing geometry to enhance the aerodynamic performance of vertical axis wind turbine.
Director: Dr. Md. Mahadi Hasan Masud   [Funded:GoB]