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Testing & Consultancy


The Mechanical Department also engaged with testing and consultancy services. The department provides the following testing service. 

Testing Items Types of Test
PVC pipes, PVC fittings (bend, Tee, reducer, elbow, end cap), PVC strainer (Robo screen), air vent pipe, Hose pipe, Fita pipe Dimension, hydrostatic pressure, resistance to acetone, impact strength, heat reversion, compressive/tensile strength, Modulus of elasticity, percentage of elongation, specific gravity, water absorption, hardness, etc.
Metallic Materials (MS, SS, or other materials pipe), MS/SS/other material rods, bar plate, ferrous and nonferrous alloys. Dimension, tensile/compressive strength, yield strength, modulus of elasticity, hardness, % of elongation, Charpy impact, material composition, elongation of springs, Microstructure
Fuels and oil test, (crude oil, furnace oil, stand oil, Grease, carbon black, etc), Used oil (Lubricating oil, Transformer oil, gear oil, bearing oil), solid fuel test. Specific gravity, flash point, boiling point, melting point, pour point, moisture content, viscosity test, density, calorific value, ferrous content, proximate and ultimate analysis, Abrasion, water penetration, impact, crashing, etc.
Pumps (Centrifugal, submersible, hand pump, Fire pump), Axial pump/compressor, Multistage centrifugal/submersible pumps. Discharge, head, efficiency, output power, input power, etc
Railway components slipper, clip, fishplate, wood, etc. Bending, elongation, hardness, cold bend test, Toe load
Calibration of Equipment Air/water flow meter, Wobble meter, Measuring scale, slide caliper, height gauge, level meter, platform scale, proving ring, cradled dynamometer, micrometer, viscometer, pyrometer, hygrometer, lux meter, temperature indicator, heat/temperature controller, thermometer, tachometer, torque wrench, inside/outside micrometer, bore gauge, etc.
Refrigeration and air conditioning equipmentCompressor, evaporator, condenser, refrigeration valve, thermostatic switch, filters, etc.
Engine, motors, and vehicles, industrial monitoringThree and four-wheeler gearbox test, motor performance test, mechanical properties of locally manufactured/original components condition monitoring, vibration analysis of rotodynamic machines (steam turbine, gas turbine, pump, ID fan, FD fan, etc. )Noise assessment, fire safety, vertical transport.
Solar PV panel, batteries, solar pump, flow meter, switch valve, gate valveEfficiency, output power, solar intensity, etc. Discharge, head, efficiency, output power, input power, etc.
Water test
Fe, As, Chlorine, PH, etc.
Chemical test
Alum, resin, natural gum, anti-freezing chemicals, glacial acetic acid, Insulating materials, thinner oil, Bleaching power, Dyeing chemicals, leather tanning, finishing chemicals, etc.
Air pollution testSOx, NOx, PM, SPM, etc
Poultry feedFish meal, animal feed, poultry feed, etc. 
Craft paper, paper board, tissue paper, art paper, emery cloth, filter paper, transparent paper, graphic paper, etc.
Glass and ceramics
Chemical, physical, and mechanical properties of various materials and products made of glass, ceramics, or clay.


The following are the recent consultancy services factories/industries/companies where  the department was involved:

1. Radiant Renewable Energy Limited, Uttara, Dhaka

2. Rajshahi Cadet College, Sarda, Rajshahi

3. Seven Star Fish Processing Company Limited, Pabna

4. Anwar Auto rice mill, Chapai

5. Authentic trade international, Kurigram

6. Seven star auto rice mill, Pabna

7. Moly tea factory, Panchagar

8. Tahmid auto rice mill, Chapai

9. F. M. Auto rice mill, Rajshahi

10. Jusnara Auto rice mill, Chapai

11. Mayamoni auto rice mill, Bogra

12. Haque auto rice mill, Chapai

13. Atiq Auto rice mill, Chapai

14. Al-modena seed storage, Rajshahi

15. Hanto Engineering and Foundry Shop, Bogra

16. VIP auto flour mill, Kustia

17. Jamuna Edible oil, Rajshahi 

18. Al Amin Jute mill, Kustia

19. Shafiq Jute mill, Pabna

20. Hashem rice mill, Rajshahi

21. Touchstone Electronics, Bogra.