• Annex's Go cart made of used parts unveiled at ME, RUET

  • ICMIME international conference organized by ME Faculty 2022

  • Eco-run Fuel Efficient Car Competition

  • Hybrid Car invented by ME, RUET

  • Award giving ceremony in Eco-Run

  • Formula Student Car Exhibition, JAPAN

  • World class teaching facilities

  • RUET (ME) team ranks 8th in Formula Student Switzerland

Head Message
Dr. Md Rabiul Islam Sarker
Head of ME

Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET), where we provide our students a warm learning environment enriched by a group of dedicated faculty and staff. Mechanical Engineering has been a fundamental part of the university since its establishment in 1964. The department maintains high educational standards with research distinction and provide useful services to the community. Mechanical engineers usually remain on the forefr...

Head Message
Dr. Md Rabiul Islam Sarker
Head of ME

Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET), where...

ME II Champion in the Tech-Mayhem 2023 competition held at RUET

Tech-Mayhem 2023, organized by the Robotic Society of RUET, featured a line following a robot competition that showcased the technical prowess and innovation of its participants. The competition challenged students and enthusiasts to design autono...

station leave

station leave

MoU with Various University and Industries

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About ME read more

Department of Mechanical Engineering is the oldest and broadest of the Engineering branches also known as MOTHER branch of all Engineering.  The Department of Mechanical Engineering at RUET is the oldest department established in 1964. The Department offers Undergraduate (UG) and Post-graduate (Master and Ph.D.) programs.  Currently, 180 students get admitted to the Undergraduate program (4 years duration) in every academic year. The Department also received a significant number of students in the Master's program (>30) and Ph.D. programs every year. The department has strong academic strength and research expertise in its diversified fields. The students, teachers, officers, and employees of the Mechanical Engineering Department are providing tireless efforts to maintain the international standards of teaching and research of this Department. This department has more than 30 prominent faculty members of which >14 are Ph.D. holders received their Masters and Ph.D. degree from world ranked foreign universities. All are integrated into the developmental works of the department and conducting teaching and research activities with the highest endeavours and enthusiasm to meet the challenge of the 21st century. The Department has 5 core laboratories such as Thermal Engineering and Testing Laboratory, Fluid Mechanics and Energy Laboratory, Applied Mechanics and Machine Design Laboratory, and Material Engineering, Metallurgy Laboratory, and Computer Laboratory. The core laboratories are well equipped with modern facilities and able to facilitate more than 25 key research topics to be conducted. Moreover, the department has workshop facilities such as Machine Shop, Welding Shop, Fitting Shop, Foundry Shop and Wood Shop, Boiler shop, etc as a support to the core laboratory.  Currently, all the Ph.D. holders and faculty members of the department are continuing their research works using modern facilities. The faculty members have sufficient experience/knowledge as they worked in rich-laboratories during their Ph.D. degree in the world ranked foreign universities. You are welcome to our most talented Mechanical family of RUET engaging with us, whether this is as a teacher, as a student, a researcher, or an industrial collaborator.

Why Mechanical Engg. at RUET read more

Why ME at RUET:

Mechanical engineering is the broadest and oldest branch of engineering. It is called as mother of all engineering branches. Mechanical engineers are involved with the design, manufacturing, testing, analysis, control, operation, and maintenance of the machines and engines you see in our modern lives. Mechanical engineers deal with all aspects of energy conversion into work. Mechanical engineers are multi-skilled and they enjoy excellent starting salaries. Mechanical engineers are global engineers i.e; there is no country in the world that doesn't need mechanical engineers.
The Department of Mechanical Engineering at RUET prepares graduates for immediate employment in a wide variety of job sectors.  The students and academics are talent in this department for their independent thinking and expertise. You will gain a thorough understanding of mechanical engineering from ME, RUET. The Department of ME, RUET holds globally renowned professors and you will learn from the best. The academic profile and research expertise of the ME faculty members are very high. The classrooms are well-decorated modern facilities with a Wi-Fi internet connection. Our industry-university collaboration in line with the wider community creates a knowledge-sharing platform that enriches student experiences outside the classroom.   We incorporate the latest industry knowledge and technology updates.   You will get state-of-the-art labs with highly specialized research facilities in this Department. Our teaching courses are frequently reviewed to keep graduates up to date and maintain global quality. During your degree, you will get an opportunity to gain hands-on experience, participate in research, exhibition, and competition, contribute to team projects both nationally and internationally, and develop leadership and team-building skills. 

Starting your Degree:

We have designed the course content to make engineering more interesting for beginners. We frequently reviewed the course content to engage the incoming student with internationally recognized and up-to-date programs. During your first year of study, you will learn fewer technical courses and more advanced physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Because this is required for a skilled problem solver in today's mechanical engineers. As you go to the upper level of your program, more technical courses will be introduced and you will do more assignments, exams, quizzes, etc. Daily class tutorials are the main resources of your program to prepare yourself for the future. You have opportunity to use state-of-the-art technology in the lab to learn, experiment, and test your ideas.


You will receive a wide variety of offers upon completing your degree in the mechanical engineering department. The opportunities can be highlighted through the following:
  • You can engage all aspects of the energy supply and the delivery system including power generation, pipelines, and petroleum production.
  •  Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) in building and industrial sectors (pharmaceutical, food process, textile, manufacturing industries, etc) for efficient energy use.
  • Designing and controlling the robotic system for industrial application.
  • Designing mechanical devices for biomedical applications.
  • Designing and developing advanced renewable energy technology like solar PV, solar thermal, wind turbine, hydro, geothermal, tidal, etc. 
  • Designing and manufacturing the vehicle from automobiles to aircraft.

Undergraduate Research read more

Get involved in undergraduate research at the Mechanical Department. We are holding world-class faculty members and they are experts in their field. They welcome Undergraduate student to engage in their research team. Work with faculty members and postgraduate students and publish papers, present at international conferences, and showcase your work at research events. 

We have interdisciplinary research i.e.; opportunities to work with collaborators from across the campus, national industry, and others. Be a contributor to innovative research in the mechanical department.

Postgraduate Research read more

We have well-equipped enriched modern laboratory facilities for postgraduate (Master and PhD) research where you can develop research questions, investigate, and discover the research outcome. You can find a solution to real-world problems using the facilities. Our laboratory is also equipped with advanced research software like Ansys, Comsol, Matlab, and others to conduct simulation-based research work. We have funding opportunities (research assistance, scholarship, etc) for postgraduate students for their research work. Our graduates have gone on to work for top academic institutes around the world, leading companies, and labs. Prepare yourself for a rewarding career in the academic, industry, and research Lab.

Research Project read more

Since the Mechanical Department engage with quality research work, the department receives a significant number of research project (national and international) every fiscal year from the students and faculty member. The recently completed research project and the ongoing research project are listed below.

Completed Research Project [2017]: 

1.   Improvement of research capabilities of the Mechanical Engineering Department of RUET for producing quality postgraduates and enhancing research outreach.

Funded: World Bank through UGC,   Project value: USD 250,000

2.   Improving research facilities in the Mechanical Engineering Department of RUET for post-graduate studies.

Funded: World Bank through UGC,   Project value:  USD 250,000

3.   Development of teaching-learning facilities for undergraduate & graduate programs in the Mechanical Engineering Department of RUET.

Funded: World Bank through UGC,   Project value: USD 190,000 

Completed Research Project [2018]: 

Completed Research Project [2019]: 

Completed Research Project [2020]: 

Completed Research Project [2021]: 

1.   Investigation Energy consumption behavior analysis and improvement of energy efficiency of submersible pump used in Barind Tract of Bangladesh. [Funded: GoB]
2. Investigation of the physical, mechanical, and microstructural characterization of the Zirconia, Toughened alumina with various ceramic oxide additives. [Funded: GoB]
3. Improvement of the productivity of a double slope solar still: Combined influence of fin, phase change material, wick material, external condenser, nanoparticle, and internal reflector. [Funded: GoB]
Completed Research Project [2022]: 
Completed Research Project [2023]: 
On-going Research Project [2024]:
1.  Design, Construction and Performance Analysis of a Waste Heat Recovery Boiler.
Director: Dr. Md. Shazib Uddin [Funded:GoB]
2. Energy, exergy and environmental analysis of a thermoelectric cooler integrated hybrid solar desalination system.
Director: Prof. Dr. Md. Rabiul Islam Sarker [Funded:GoB]
3. Performance Investigation of Stepped Multiple Basins Pyramid Solar Still with Fins and PCM
Director: Md. Bakhtierkhalzi   [Funded:GoB]
4. Investigation of Physical, Mechanical and Antimicrobial Properties of Hydroxyapatite Ceramic Extracted from Anabas Testudineus (Koi Fish) Bone and Head Parts for Biomedical Application. 
Director: Md. Mostafa Kamal  [Funded:GoB]
5. Preparation, characterization and stability enhancement of nanofluid through optimization of surfactant concentration.
Director: Md. Nahid Hossan 
6. The production of hydrogen fuel through supercritical water gasification of food waste in Bangladesh.
Director: Md. Sanowar Hossain  [Funded:GoB]
7. Development of an active and passive industrial noise control technique.
Director: Prof. Dr. Shahajada Mahmudul Hasan  [Funded:GoB]
8. Optimization of the biomimetic based wing geometry to enhance the aerodynamic performance of vertical axis wind turbine.
Director: Dr. Md. Mahadi Hasan Masud   [Funded:GoB]